Character Guide

DISCLAIMER: This guide is not meant for a -true- newbie. I will not be going into basic concepts of gameplay. This is meant as a suggestion of how one’s resources can efficiently be allocated to maximize both short and long-term benefits. Also, sometimes I say TP and other times gold. The idea is effectively one and the same since the one can easily be sold/purchased for the other.

A good starting sub is either Navigator or Oracle. Navi lets you bypass the worst places while Oracle flags your Campaign targets, making them very easy to spot. Also, both are casters and not reliant on weapons which this guide relies and relegates their purchase by several remorts.

First thing you’ll want to get is enchanted sets. They will raise your stats considerably; especially, wisdom and luck. Wisdom will help with buffs and healing and Luck helps with everything. Enchanted sets come in various ranges but the ones I’d recommend are 1, 41, 91, 131, 171. You won’t need any 200/201 pieces until T1 unless you plan to sit. This gear can be paid for with gold/tp; which in turn, is obtained from Quests, Campaigns and Global Quests. Nothing like a solo GQ to rack up some extra QP.

You’ll need to buy the Pockets Wish (3,500 QP) to be able to carry all of your sets. This comes with a slight caveat. Sets aren’t always readily available. Therefore, the purchase of Pockets can be deferred to such a time when you can no longer carry your gear after remorting. Just be sure to have the QP if you need it and everything should be fine..

If you have the QP to spare, buy a level 1 Aura and a level 1 Breastplate (in that order); otherwise, keep saving QP, you can pick those up on your next go around. Keep an eye on the market. People occasionally sell quest gear and it can be purchased at a discount.

While your QP goes towards Aardgear, your TP and gold will be directed elsewhere (after sets ofc). Get an Aura of Trivia (6 TP), then a Trivia Sleeping Bag (15 TP) and finally a Trivia Portal to Sendhia (15 TP). This quantity of TP will take a bit of time to accumulate. Get the items as soon as you can afford them.

Next, comes the level 1 set. I mentioned the Aura (2,500) and Breastplate (2,000) already. Also included are the Helm (1,100), Amulet (1,000), Gloves (2,250), Bracers (1,750), Regen Ring (1,000) and Boots (1,300).
A sub-total of 12,900 for the gear and another 2,000 for the superheros and 3,500 for Pockets is a running total of 18,400QP.

At 179 (suggested) campaigns per remort and 30 quest points per campaign, one would get 5,370 from campaigns alone. Add to that several hundred per day from Quests and double QP daily blessings. 5,000 QP per mort is easily achievable. At such a pace, Most of the aforementioned gear could be had by T0R3.

At this point, you’ll want to start working on your weapons. You can use gameload weapons until level 80; at which point, Aardweaps really come into their own. As a rough estimate, consider all level 80+ Aardweaps to be equivalent to a gameload counterpart 20 levels higher. So a level 100 Aardweap will deal damage comparable to a level 120 gameload weapon (clan shop/mob drop). Eventually, you’ll want weapons at levels 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200. Though there are differing views and some people prefer to buy offhands. I do not.

Initially, I suggest starting with the highest level weapons and working your way down. Also, to cover a larger range initially and later fill in the blanks: 180->140->100->160->120->80. Unless your class/sub dictates otherwise, daggers are the way to go. In truth, there isn’t a major difference between the weapons. Daggers are just the most popular and thus have the greatest resale value. This will also only matter much later. Picking up lower level weapons is generally not the best idea unless they can be obtained at a discount. A level 40 Dagger for 700 QP is a good purchase, imo. Not sure I’d say the same at 900. A level 60 Dagger at 800 would be a good purchase too.

Unless you’re a Soldier, you’ll be running into weight issues with your daggers. You won’t be able to wield one and offhand another because they weigh the same. Some people purchase offhands. I prefer to pay for it in gold by halfweighting lower level weapons and using them as offhands. For example:
Let’s say I have raw (unmodified) Aard Daggers at levels 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180.

At level 80, I wield my first Dagger.

At level 100, I have a higher level dagger to wield. I halfweight (2tp) the level 80 dagger (becomes 5) and offhand it.

At level 120, I halfweight (2tp, total 4) the level 100 and offhand it.
140: total 6, 160: total 8, 180: total 10

At this point all of my weapons up to 180 weigh 5. The 180 is still 10.

On the next go, all of the weapons will need to be halfweighted up to 160 and weigh 2. this will cost 8.

Again to 140 and a weight of 1 for a cost of 6.

One last time to 120 for a weight of 0 and a cost of 4.

10+8+6+4=28 tp as opposed to 6 offhands that would cost 6,000 QP.

At this stage, you’d have a lvl180,wt.10;lvl160,wt.5;lvl140,wt.2;lvl120,wt1;lvl100,wt.0;lvl80,wt.0.

When you purchase your level 200 weapon, you’ll need to halfweight the level 120-180 ones to be able to use them at an additional cost of 8 tp.
36 tp vs 7,000 QP

With all the gear paid for 18,400+6,000=24,400QP, you should be nearing the end of T0R5.  Now is the time where decisions get made. There are ways to improve your char; but, the improvements will be smaller ones. Here are some suggestions. Of all the Wishes, I believe these had the most impact on my char. Though, I overshot on QP, I left a lot of the gold unspent. I figured that it’d be needed for portals and expenses.

Campaign Oriented
Passdoor Wish  (5,000 QP – 250 Adj)        – Great for low level campaigns
Fasthunt Wish   (5,000 QP – 300 Adj)        – Helps with ‘problem’ areas (zangar/ft2)

PVE Oriented
Lvl 100 Breastplate, Gloves, Bracers (6,000QP)    – More Resists/HR/DR
Portal Wish         (6,000 QP – 150 Adj)        – Extra wear slot. Get your portal enchanted.
Exprate Wish     (6,000 QP – 200 Adj)        – A must for pupping. Can hold off til later if you don’t sit.

Scholar Wish      (8,000 QP – 200 Adj)        – Tough to succinctly define, amazing to have
Spellup Wish      (6,000 QP – 250 Adj)        – Becomes better as tiers get higher
Pockets2 (6,500 QP  –  250 Adj)                   – Only as needed
Pockets3 (12,500 QP – 200 Adj)                   – I cleaned my inv and never had to get this one.

(written by Gorsk)